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What I’ve Been Up To and Where We Go From Here

Steven J. DinesWhat you’re looking at is my official web site.  From this day forward, you will be able to find all of my writing-related news and updates right here.  I am approaching this as a continuation of – and improvement upon – my blog.  Since my last post (on July 2011) a lot has happened.  I quit my job of nearly 12 years and moved from Aberdeen, Scotland to Sliema in Malta.  After 5 months in Malta, my wife and I decided to abandon our plans to settle there and moved back to the UK (for a number of reasons, but mainly because of concerns relating to our son).  Rather than return to my home city, we chose to settle in Salisbury.  A lovely place.  The motivation behind our original move was change, though perhaps not the huge change a move overseas entails, fun though it definitely was.  Anyway, we’ve been in Salisbury for 2 months now and hope to settle permanently here (or hereabouts).

Since July 2011, I have also finished my first novel, THE OTHER SIDE.  While I’ve been working on other projects I admit I’ve become a little bit lax in my efforts to find an agent and/or publisher.  Six months have passed since it’s completion and I haven’t done nearly enough.  I hope to rectify that in the months ahead.

Also, while in Malta, I returned to writing short fiction after a hiatus of 3-4 years.  I’d been focussing solely on THE OTHER SIDE, which took approx. 5 years to write.  I’ve written 4 short stories since then, THE THINGS THAT GET YOU THROUGH, THE GIRLS ON THE BEACH, THE MACHINEHOUSE WORKER’S SONG, and A TRICK OF THE NIGHT.

THE THINGS THAT GET YOU THROUGH has been accepted for publication by Black Static, possibly the UK’s top horror magazine.

A TRICK OF THE NIGHT has been accepted by Fireside, an ambitious new online mag that has featured some big names so far.

THE MACHINEHOUSE WORKER’S SONG is currently under consideration and I’m hopeful it will find a good home quite soon.

THE GIRLS ON THE BEACH is currently awaiting further revision.

So far, so good.

Now I am back in the UK and getting re-settled, I hope to write a lot more short fiction while I try to secure an agent and publisher for my novel.

This web site’s main focus will be on my writing – updates about my work in progress, publication news, etc. – as well as the occassional book or film review, and perhaps even some free flash & short fiction in the near future.  If any of that is of interest to you, please follow my updates by clicking on the appropriate link at the right hand side of the page.  Also, I’ll be adding to the sub-menus in the coming weeks & months, so keep an eye on those, too.  Finally, thanks for dropping by, and of course do come again.  More updates very soon.