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How I Spent My Summer…in Derry


There will be no short story list for August.  I’ve read a few, but not enough to warrant posting on here. Instead, I’ve been rereading the classic horror novel, “It” by Stephen King. It’s been twenty years since I first read this 900+ page tale about childhood and monsters, and although I went into this, my second reading, with some enthusiasm I did not expect to be as blown away as I have been. I’m loving every page. Even those sections I remember being weak, such as the dark, historical interludes about Derry and some of the adult-POV stuff have been riveting this time around. I didn’t expect that at all.  And even if the ending disappoints this time as much as it did in the Nineties (I’m 200 pages from it at the time of posting) I will be catapulting this novel back into my top 5 or even top 3 favourite King novels regardless.  Now, to find time to revisit “The Stand”…