Cluley, Ray  –  writer of dark fiction and (most) regular contributor to Black Static magazine.
Cooper, James  –  dark fiction.
Grintalis, Damien Walters  –  speculative fiction.
Lerman, Ilan  –  dark fiction.
Moore, Ralph Robert  –  dark fiction.  Posts updates on the first of every month.
Newton, Kurt  –  horror and dark fantasy.
Ross, Brian, G.  –  an eclectic writer with 100+ publications.
Sharma, Priya  –  speculative fiction.  Recent appearance at
Wilson, David Niall  –  horror, dark fantasy, and science fiction.

Haag, Wayne  –  Australian artist whose film work includes ‘The Fifth Element’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings.’
Sampson, Rich  –  Illustrator from the UK residing Coffs Harbour (NSW) with experience in magazine illustration, RPG illustration, book covers, t-shirt designs and murals.

Black Static  –  the UK’s premiere print horror magazine. Editor: Andy Cox.
Clarkesworld Magazine  –  Hugo Award-winning science fiction and fantasy magazine.  Editor-in-Chief:  Neil Clarke.
Fireside Magazine  –  ambitious online project, open to most genres. Editor: Brian White.
Interzone  –  the UK’s premiere print sci-fi magazine. Editors: Andy Cox & Andy Hedgecock.

Ralan  –  mainly speculative markets.


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