Steven writes literary horror fiction but makes the occasional foray into sci-fi, crime, dark fantasy, and mainstream. His horror short stories have appeared in numerous magazines, including Black Static (seven times), Fireside, Greatest Uncommon Denominator (GUD), Not One of Us, Nossa Morte, Dark TalesThe Absent Willow Review, and the CD micro-fiction anthology, Black Box. He has received numerous Honorable Mentions in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year and a Notable Story in storySouth’s Million Writer’s Award. His literary fiction has appeared in Noo Journal, Eclectica, Word Riot, Grasslimb Journal, echolocation, Words and Images, and TQR: Total Quality Reading. Meanwhile, his SF efforts have appeared in Interzone, Electric Spec, Murky Depths, and Darker Matter, as well as in the hardback anthology Satirica. He is currently seeking representation for his first novel, while his debut short story collection, BRING YOUR OWN LIGHT, is due to be published by TTA Press in 2017. Originally from Aberdeen, Scotland, he now lives south of the border in Salisbury with his wife, Summer, and their son, Joshua.

Q&A for Fireside Magazine’s Kickstarter campaign.


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