The Suffering – story art

As promised, here is the artwork that will accompany my story, THE SUFFERING, when it is published in September’s issue of Black Static (making it my sixth appearance in the magazine, so far). The artist is the incredible Tara Ann Bush.

The Suffering


2 thoughts on “The Suffering – story art

  1. priyasharmafiction

    This was wicked.
    Lots of great lines. My fave is …it is a serpent; a twisting black tornado the length of two men lying end to end, with a skin of dead leaves and a mouthful of decaying bones harvested from the woodland floor by the pull of its own dark currents; sharpened on scattered stones and the boles of trees.
    Lovely. Just lovely.

    1. stevenjdines Post author

      Thank you, Priya. ‘Suffering’ was a rapidly written thematic spin-off of ‘So Many Heartbeats…’, so I’ve been pretty surprised by the generally positive reaction to it, so far. I’m looking forward to ‘Blonde’ in Interzone, and I’ve got ‘Fabulous Beasts’ sitting on my Kindle to read too. Must get to both of those soon! Will drop you a line when I do. Take care x


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