Two acceptances, one thank you

After a long and difficult quiet period (my last story acceptance was exactly one year ago today, oddly enough), I am thrilled to announce the sale of not one but two stories to UK horror magazine Black Static. These will be my fifth and sixth appearances in the magazine, although never let it be said that it gets any easier – it doesn’t!

The first story is called So Many Heartbeats, So Many Words.  It’s a 7,900 word novelette about family relationships and communication (or rather, lack of), and it’s probably the most heartfelt and personal story I’ve written to date (inspired by actual events, let’s say), and so I am both excited and nervous about how it will be received by the Black Static readership. Fingers crossed.

There is a family relationship at the heart of the other story too, which is called The Suffering, and it is that of a mother and her dead daughter. At 5,500 words it is one of the shortest stories I’ve written in a while. I don’t often write about monsters, but you’ll find one in this tale. I hope I did it justice.

Look out for these stories in future issues of Black Static, as well as tales from the likes of Gary McMahon, Cate Gardner, and Damien Angelica Walters, to name but three. Then, that’s probably three reasons you should take out a subscription…

Lastly, thank you once again to Priya Sharma and Ray Cluley for their selfless encouragement and support of late – two hugely talented writers with better things to do with their time than pick me up and dust me down, but that’s precisely what they did. Read their work, folks. For such good and decent people, they write some dark and scary sh#t!

All the best.


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