Short fiction: June – July

Here is a list of the short fiction I read in June and July.  Ratings are out of 5 stars.  4 stars and above means the story qualifies for my Recommended Reading list.  The latest batch of stories can be found in the following publications:

Rear Window – Cornell Woolrich
Realms:  The First Year of Clarkesworld Magazine
Black Static #40
Dear Life – Alice Munro
Black Static #41
Nightmare Magazine

Dead on Her Feet – Cornell Woolrich (***)
Waltz – Cornell Woolrich (***)
The Ape’s Wife – Caitlin Kiernan (**)
Lost Soul – M.P. Ericson (***1/2)
Ravello Steps – Chris Barnham (***)
The Book That Squealed – Cornell Woolrich (***)
Reclamation Yard – Paul Meloy (***1/2)
Corrie – Alice Munro (****)
The Hutch – Ray Cluley (***1/2)
Ghosts Play in Boys’ Pajamas – Ralph Robert Moore (****)
The Driveway – Leah Thomas (***1/2)
None So Empty – Tim Waggoner (**1/2)
Caul – Vajra Chandrasekera (**1/2)
Equilibrium – Carole Johnstone (****)
The Spider Sweeper – Thersa Matsuura (***1/2)
Sunbleached – Nathan Ballingrud (****)


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