Inspired by Actual Events

Last night, I finished the edits on my first short story since THE BROKEN AND THE UNMADE (which was written in November of last year and published in Black Static #39, Mar-Apr 2014).  Since then, I’ve gone through some personal and family “stuff” and come out the other side.  As for writing, I came very close to throwing the towel in.  The hiatus was good for me, though.  I have a new perspective on writing (and my place in the writing universe, as it were), not to mention a fresh enthusiasm for the craft.  It was a difficult and stressful time, but things are definitely looking up, I am glad to say.  By the way, I’m not looking for sympathy here.  We all have our demons to fight.

So, my latest story, SO MANY HEARTBEATS, SO MANY WORDS is an attempt to record some of those events, thoughts, feelings, etc. in a work of fiction.  Inspired by actual events is the best way to put it, I’d say.  It is by far my most personal work to date, and perhaps the strangest writing experience I’ve ever had.  There were moments when I found it difficult to separate the reality from the fiction, where I asked myself if this or that happened (and if it did, did it happen in the way I am writing it; sometimes the answer was yes, sometimes, no).  I compare the experience to those first few seconds after you wake up from a particularly convincing nightmare, one so believable you’re unable to distinguish what’s real and what isn’t.  We’ve all had those, right?  It’s odd and disorientating.  But the story is done.  It is approx. 7900 words, a novelette, and I submitted it for consideration today.  I must say, it feels great to finish a project after such a long break.  I’ve missed that sense of accomplishment.  That small thrill.

It’s good to be back.


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