Short fiction: May

Here’s a list of the short fiction I read in May.  Ratings are out of 5 stars.  4 stars and above means the story qualifies for my Recommended Reading list.  This month’s stories can be found in the following publications:

The Lost District and other stories – Joel Lane
Rear Window – Cornell Woolrich
Realms:  The First Year of Clarkesworld Magazine (note:  these stories can be found online)
Black Static #40
Dear Life – Alice Munro

Reservoir – Joel Lane (****)
An Unknown Past – Joel Lane (***)
You Could Have It All – Joel Lane (***)
You’ll Never See Me Again – Cornell Woolrich (***1/2)
Qubit Conflicts – Jetse De Vries (***)
The Oracle Spoke – Holly Phillips (**)
Moon Over Yodok – David Charlton (***)
I’ll Gnaw Your Bones, the Manticore Said – Cat Rambo (****)
Transtexting Pose – Darren Speegle (**)
The Taste of Wheat – Ekaterina Sedia (***1/2)
Golden Avery – Sarah Read (***)
World of Trevor – Stephen Hargadon (***)
The Hanged Man – Steve Rasnic Tem (***)
The Beacon – Darja Malcolm-Clarke (***1/2)
Pride – Alice Munro (**1/2)
The Screaming Laugh – Cornell Woolrich (***)
The Crone at the Meadow Gate – Tim Casson (****)


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