February’s Recommended Reading

I didn’t read much short fiction in February, just fifteen stories, but here they are listed below. As in my January post, stories that make it onto my ongoing Recommended Reading list are in bold. This month’s short fiction comes from the following publications:,

The Lost District and other stories – Joel Lane
Rear Window – Cornell Woolrich
Realms: The First Year of Clarkesworld Magazine
Black Static #36
Black Static #38
SQ Mag #13

Among the Dead – Joel Lane
The Window – Joel Lane
The Quiet Hours – Joel Lane
Exposure – Joel Lane
Passion Play – Malcom Devlin
The Dancing Detective – Cornell Woolrich
Chewing Up the Innocent – Jay Lake
Passchendaele – Danny Rhodes
Apports – Stephen Bacon
The Light in the Window – Cornell Woolrich
The Corpse Next Door – Cornell Woolrich
Attar of Roses – Sharon Mock
The Outside World – Joel Lane
The Girl in the Glass Bottle – Brian G. Ross
The Country of Glass – Joel Lane


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