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A sneak peek…

…at the artwork for my story THE BROKEN AND THE UNMADE, which is due to appear in Black Static #39 next month.  Artist Ben Baldwin has done a brilliant job, I think, and I cannot wait to hold this issue in my hands.  Visit TTA Press if you would like to purchase an issue or a discounted subscription (recommended).
Black Static enjoyed a particularly successful year in 2013, with FIVE stories from its pages being selected for Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year #6.  Congratulations to Stephen Bacon, Ray Cluley, Priya Sharma, Steve Rasnic Tem, and Tim Casson!

The Broken and the Unmade


January’s Recommended Reading

Here is a list of the short fiction I read in January, twenty-six stories in all.  Stories that made it onto my ongoing Recommended Reading list are in bold.  These are the stories that impressed me the most, which isn’t to say the rest were lacking.  Indeed, with the exception of two stories, I thoroughly enjoyed all of the works listed below.  This month’s stories come from the following books or magazines:

Rear Window – Cornell Woolrich
The Lost District and other stories – Joel Lane
Realms: The First Year of Clarkesworld Magazine – Various
Dear Life – Alice Munro
Black Static #38 – Various

Rear Window – Cornell Woolrich
The Lost District – Joel Lane
I Won’t Take a Minute – Cornell Woolrich
A Light in Troy – Sarah Monette
304, Adolph Hitler Strasse – Lavie Tidhar
The Moby Clitoris of His Beloved – Ian Watson & Roberto Quaglia
To Reach Japan – Alice Munro
The Pain Barrier – Joel Lane
Lydia’s Body – Vylar Kaftan
Urchins, While Swimming – Catherynne Valente
The Bootleg Heart – Joel Lane
Amundsen – Alice Munro
A Knot of Toads – Andrew Hook
Scratch – Joel Lane
The Other Amazon – Jenny Davidson
The Last Fear – Tim Waggoner
Speak To Me of Death – Cornell Woolrich
Leaving Maverley – Alice Munro
Orm the Beautiful – Elizabeth Bear
Gravel – Alice Munro
Automatic – Erika L. Satifka
Coming of Age – Joel Lane
Mine – Joel Lane
Prison Ships – Joel Lane
The Hanging Tree – Maura McHugh
Like Shattered Stone – Joel Lane