Cleaning house

A short update.  I’ve added two new stories to my Recommended Reading list.  The first is the terrific suspense tale I Won’t Take a Minute by Cornell Woolrich (from his Rear Window collection, a Christmas present from my wife).  It’s a familiar scenario that has been done to death in the intervening years, but this tale from 1940 is so well written it still feels fresh.  The other is a dark fiction/fantasy from Clarkesworld Issue 2 (I’m reading their first anthology Realms at the moment).  It’s Lydia’s Body by Vylar Kaftan.  You can read it here.  It’s a tale that will stay with you for a while – trust me.

I’ve also updated my Reviews section (note: reviews of my fiction by other people) and streamlined and fully updated (finally!) the Bibliography section for anyone who is interested.  Glancing down it I can see a clear movement over the years from short literary fiction to much longer genre work, mostly horror.  But who knows where this year will lead?  To more of the same?  I hope not.  A novella or a second novel, perhaps?  Yes, possibly.  How about a move back to Malta?  Hmm.  Thinking about that, too.

Let’s find out.


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