Interzone 246 reviews: ‘Science Fiction and Fantasy’ & ‘Locus Online’

A couple more reviews are in for the latest issue of Interzone.

Anthony G. Williams describes my story, THE MACHINEHOUSE WORKER’S SONG, as “rather eerie” on his Science Fiction and Fantasy blog.  Read the full review here.

Meanwhile, Lois Tilton at Locus Online thought it “a strong dystopian vision.”  Full review here.


4 thoughts on “Interzone 246 reviews: ‘Science Fiction and Fantasy’ & ‘Locus Online’

  1. Ilan Lerman

    Really enjoyed your story, Steven. I loved the closed perspective, the philosophical musings on what lies beyond your immediate surroundings. Reminded me of the sort of symbolist Russian/Slavic stories that commented on Communism.

    1. stevenjdines Post author

      Glad you enjoyed it, Ilan. And thank you for taking the time to say so. Much appreciated. MACHINEHOUSE was loosely based on an old workplace of mine. I spent twelve years working in the same office (overlooking a huge garage workshop), the only window on the outside world being a dirty section of “transparent” corrugated roof. Trust me, it didn’t require much effort to turn that into the machinehouse – and to tap into all the emotions that came with it. Thanks again.


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