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There’s a short Q&A with me over at Fireside Magazine’s Kickstarter page here.  For anyone who’s interested, there’s a little bit about the background to my story, A TRICK OF THE NIGHT.  And, of course, any donation toward the campaign would be most welcome!  Just 6 days to go…


The stuff of horror…

The first draft of THE SPACE THAT RUNS AWAY WITH YOU is done. A little under 8000 words. Yesterday, it was printed and I added extensive handwritten revisions, half of which were typed up last night. I hope to finish the remainder tonight. This was a difficult story to write as it had me imagining what it must be like trying to cope with a missing child. Very uncomfortable indeed. But such is the stuff of horror.

Fireside Magazine’s Year Two Kickstarter campaign

Brian White’s ambitious Kickstarter campaign has, er, kicked off to a promising start.  He has big plans for Fireside Magazine’s Year Two, a small part of which includes publishing my story, A TRICK OF THE NIGHT. So, follow this link, read Mr White’s proposal, and if you feel like making a donation, by all means do so.  If you’re still not convinced but want to read more about the authors involved, follow the links to their websites or revisit the page this coming Monday onwards, when author Q&A’s are due to be posted.

Short fiction review site, Tangent, recently posted this review of Issue Three.

Interzone, reviews, and news…

I’m pleased to announce that my science fiction tale THE MACHINEHOUSE WORKER’S SONG has been bought by UK science fiction mag, Interzone. Currently, the story is scheduled to appear in the May-June issue.

Also, here are links to two more reviews of Black Static #31 (which included my horror novelette, THE THINGS THAT GET YOU THROUGH):

Dread Central


Coming soon, I’ll post an update on A TRICK OF THE NIGHT, which is due to be published by Fireside Magazine IF editor Brian White is successful with his ambitious Kickstarter campaign. Best of luck, Brian.

And watch out for a FREE story, too.